Blogging lessons

Blog Lesson with Chris Wheal

The lesson taught me how to use the opportunity of the internet to increase my readership whilst recognising the exposure of oneself online.

Chris Wheal made himself the example for the lesson that enabled us to learn to use web search techniques to find out as much as we can about him. This served to show the exposer of the individual with the invention of the internet.

Chris taught us to harness this exposure to our advantage as journalists to put our writing out there to increase readership of our work.

The methods taught to increase our readership of our blog was to make it easy to read and relevant to a large audience.

We must fit the needs of search engines by putting our most catchy words in the headline and first sentence, that will show 60 and 160 characters respectively.

Comparing to newsprint

Online websites offer a different platform to news print. More visual stimulus is used through layout of the page with lots of sub headings; use of lots pictures and some video clips. The unlimited space online makes this possible.

Websites write half as much as print as research suggests long articles like to be read in print rather than online.



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